Colonel James A Danielik — former deputy director of operations at Special Operations Command Central at MacDill AFB, vice-commander of AFSOC ASOS at Fort Bragg, and command director of Logistics Joint Special Operations — brings a unique insight to the semi-fictional world of The Raven and the Hawk: He was there.

Now a private-sector pilot based in South East Asia, Danielik describes the reality as the United States adapted to the lawless, fast-changing world of terrorism, small-scale war and humanitarian operations and, through the fictional characters of the Raven and the Hawk, the war America must win.

Danielik’s first novel explores the men and women, the adventure, the courage, the humor, the triumphs, and the harsh tragedies of a conflict that lays behind the headlines with the eye of an insider.

Why write? For the best reason of all: There are stories to be told and a man to tell them.